How far in advance should I order?

We recommend at least 3-4 weeks advance booking, depending on the cake size and design work involved. Click here to Request a Quote. All cakes must be ordered in advance, we do not stock ready-made cakes. Retail products such as cupcakes, cake by the slice, cookies and brownies are always available in the shop, and can be ordered for delivery or pick up on GrubHub/Seamless.

How much do your custom cakes cost?

Our cakes are all baked from scratch, and are meticulously decorated with unique and personal designs. Each cake is priced individually based on servings needed, and the level of design work you request us to do.

Minimum order size is 8-10 servings, and these are the starting prices:

• Single-tier cakes start at $200. 

• Two-tier cakes start at $275.

• 3D Sculpted cakes start at $400.

What about nuts and other allergens?

Our products do not contain nuts. I have been baking for the community and schools for over 16 years, starting with my prior cafe.

You can order confidently, knowing that there will be no cross-contamination issues with nuts or other allergens.

We also offer vegan (no eggs or dairy) or gluten-free cakes. 

Are you licensed and Inspected by the NYC Dept of Health?

Yes, you can order safely with us! We are a consistently A-rated, inspected and licensed bakery. For your safety, we encourage customers to shop only at licensed and inspected bakeries. 

Do you deliver?

We are not offering deliveries at this time. All orders are pick-up only.

You can order all of our retail desserts for delivery on GrubHub or Seamless 

Do I have to have fondant on my cake?

We use fondant for most of our cake decorations for a nice clean look, to preserve cake freshness, and it is often necessary for a specific design. We think it helps to understand that it's a design decision, not a flavor decision. There is still plenty of buttercream in between the cake layers, and under the fondant. 

Terms and Conditions

Currently, all orders require payment in full to confirm and hold your date regardless of booking date. Due to the perishable nature of edible products, all deposits & sales are final and non-refundable, store credit only for cancelled orders due to Covid. Refunds will only be considered upon return of the entire, uneaten cake.