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Cupcakes are always available in the bakery during regular business hours. 
ry is available until 8:30pm daily on GrubHub, Seamless, UberEats, DoorDash, Caviar and Postmates.
• Vanilla with vanilla or chocolate buttercream
• Chocolate with vanilla or chocolate buttercream
• Red Velvet with vanilla buttercream
• Lemon Drop with lemon zest buttercream
• Vanilla or Chocolate with Oreo Cookies a
nd       Cream topping (no sprinkles)
• Rainbow – Pre-order ONLY
• All cupcakes include sprinkles.

REGULAR: $3.50/each
4/pk $14 • 6/pk $20 • 12/pk $38
Vanilla and chocolate only, min order is 12 per flavor
FROSTING COLOR: Frosting can be tinted any color, one color per order. +$5 up to 4 dozen. 
6-LAYER RAINBOW: $6/each
Min. order is 12, 1 week pre-order required. These cupcakes have 6 individual layers of color.
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